Alexis Ornellas, MA, LPC, LAC. Somatic psychotherapist and resiliency trainer in Boulder, Colorado.

Parts Work

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“With guidance from Alexis I am learning about the Internal Family Systems modality. The exploration of my various parts has been enlightening and effective. Together, Alexis and I have observed a part such as laziness, which on the face of it feels like simply a bad habit; universal to everyone. Yet with understanding and attention I discovered that my laziness has the aim of self preservation and moderation. It serves me by balancing the expectations that the highly driven parts of me impose. Now, when I feel lazy I acknowledge that I, myself, am not lazy, but a part of me is seeking appropriate balance. I then use that awareness in my daily life. I still engage in hard work and drive, but now I┬áconsciously incorporate quality down time. The results are immediate and lasting.”