Alexis Ornellas, MA, LPC, LAC. Somatic psychotherapist and resiliency trainer in Boulder, Colorado.

Trauma and PTSD

What Trauma Can Do To You

Trauma makes you feel alone, small and powerless. You have to avoid people, places and activities that could trigger painful emotions or memories because when you do get triggered by a sound or a smell or something someone does, you feel overwhelmed by the rush of memory or painful emotions or sensations that flood you. You may not fully remember the traumatic events that occurred, but your body and brain holds the memory. Life has become about avoiding anything that could trigger that pain because it hurts too much.  On the other hand, you might remember everything that has happened to you.  you might feel everything so much that it overwhelms you, even when it is pleasurable. Your emotions can feel like a roller coaster, joyous and happy one minute, then panicking and despairing the next. You are so afraid to be alone and left with all those emotions and thoughts that you hold onto relationships even when they are bad for you. Whether you fall into the “feel too much” or “feel too little” categories, or fall somewhere on the spectrum, your experience of trauma has caused your body and brain to be stuck in the past, unable to move on, and without resolution.  Because of this, you fundamentally feel uncomfortable in your own skin, like you are wrong or bad in some way and often try to get comfortable by any means necessary, ie through unhealthy relationships, the use of drugs and alcohol, avoidance/isolation, etc. Having trauma that we haven’t healed from can cause us to feel exhausted, sick, hopeless, and helpless.

How You Can Feel When You Heal

What if I told you that you could feel powerful, courageous, clear minded, self-loving, calm, connected to yourself and others, and peaceful? That you could remember and even talk about what happened to you without intense pain and emotional triggers? That you could move through life with ease, confidence and grace, knowing that you could cope with whatever came your way in life? It is absolutely possible to heal from trauma and feel the freedom to live your life fulfilling your greatest potential and purpose.

How You and I Will Help You Heal

With my support and guidance through the somatic trauma resolution practice of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, we can work together to:
1) Develop self- awareness of how your body and mind is working so that we can create a program of internal and external resources (or tools for your tool belt) that you can use to cope with your discomfort and reduce the symptoms you are experiencing
2) Process the traumatic memory in a way that your body and mind feel resolved
3) Integrate these new experiences into a stronger and more stable sense of Self

Why You Should Contact Me As Your Guide To Finding Peace

You may be doubting that this could really work for you. Because you’ve tried so many things in the past and nothing has worked for you. Because no one really understands what it is like to live like this day after day. Because no one was there to help you then so why would they help you now? Because people can’t be trusted. Because you are too far gone to be helped now. Because you feel so bad about yourself you aren’t worth helping.

Whatever reason you are thinking of right now to stop yourself from reaching out to me, I understand. But know that any and every reason you have for not seeking me out, I have experienced myself. I do know what it’s like, and with my personal understanding and extensive experience in helping myself and others resolve their trauma, I know that you can have the life you want. You are so unbelievably precious and worth finding peace and happiness. I hope you give me the privilege of walking beside you on your journey.

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